Artistic Bags

Besozzi Milano


From today, the artist's paintings can be worn.

Finally a painting to show off on the street ...

Dedicated to those who want a unique and elegant jewel.

Dedicated to art lovers, to those who love to be unique and unconventional.

Artistic Bags were born for all of them, not just bags and accessories, but real author paintings to be worn instead of the 'usual' bag, the usual belt.

Built without machinery, by master craftsmen, in precious and semi-precious leathers, totally hand-painted like real paintings, the new Artistic Bags are an eternal and elegant work of art, made on genuine ostrich leather.

A painting to be exhibited anytime, anywhere.

An accessory that is not a symbol of fashion but of the person who chooses to love it.

The Artistic Bags are the fruit and flower of the passion and love for luxury, elegance, which the Besozzi company has decisively poured into this exceptional PATENT which allows the creation of unique works of art in the world and which unlike all the other works of art, the "Artistic Bags" can be used, worn, made alive among people; because art is loved everywhere. Masterpiece bags, beautiful and resistant, do not fear water and wear; born from the dreams of the owner of the BESOZZI MILANO company, who designed and PATENTED these jewels to make them even more unique and rare.

Impossible to find another like it. The Artistic Bags are not only created in unique numbered pieces, but also customizable on request, in order to have the desired subject on the preferred model. Numbered bags full of details that ensure their originality and excellent all-Italian quality as guaranteed by the tag with the artist's photo and signature combined with each Artistic Bags.

Besozzi Milano | Artistic Bags
Besozzi Milano | Artistic Bags
Besozzi Milano | Artistic Bags
Besozzi Milano | Artistic Bags
Besozzi Milano | Artistic Bags